A lightweight manual wheelchair is a type of chair that weighs less than 25 pounds. Some wheelchairs weigh as little as 12 lbs, but the average weight for one of these chairs is usually around 20lbs. They may not be made to fold up like an umbrella stroller, but they are much easier to lift and transport than regular manual wheelchairs.

Ultra-lightweight models can provide just what you’re looking for if your main priority is traveling with ease – whether it’s taking public transportation by yourself (without requiring help from others) or using the bus instead of having someone shuttle you back home after a day out on the town. You’ll notice how easy it will be to get onto busses and trains without assistance when you don’t have to struggle with pushing a bulky chair up the ramp. When you’re done, just fold it back down and carry it by your side or over your shoulder (like most umbrella strollers).

Who needs an ultralight wheelchair?

  • People who are temporarily disabled or injured and need a wheelchair to get around.
  • People with full-blown paralysis, muscular dystrophy, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), etc. The kind of people who will never walk again on two feet without assistance. For these users, an ultra-lightweight wheelchair is perfect because it can be taken in the car everywhere they go for those moments when their body just doesn’t have what it takes anymore to make that trip inside from the car by themselves.

Those who require additional back support beyond what standard wheelchairs provide due to scoliosis and degenerative disc disease problems. This includes even paraplegics with below-average trunk control but still strong arms capable of lifting them out of bed and into the wheelchair.

People are older and suffer from arthritis, fibromyalgia, or other conditions that make it increasingly difficult to move their legs for propulsion. This category of users requires a lightweight chair with just enough back support so they can doze off when resting in public places (such as on buses) without hurting themselves by falling forward during unplanned naps/sleep.

You’ve decided that you want an ultra-lightweight wheelchair, but you don’t know where to start looking. There are so many options out there – how do you find the right one for your needs? We’re here with our comprehensive guide to help answer the questions that every wheelchair user has when shopping for their next purchase.

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Models

Invacare Top End Crossfire T6 Rigid Wheelchair

The Invacare Top End Crossfire T-Series Wheelchair is a solid and lightweight wheelchair used for indoor or outdoor purposes. The frame of this model weighs only 17 lbs which makes it easy to lift into the trunk of most cars, vans, RVs, and other vehicles.

It comes with a choice between an aluminum or titanium finish that gives off an elegant look while also being very durable. This ultra-lightweight wheelchair by Invacare has been engineered to support weights up to 350 lbs without compromising on comfortability or durability. It even comes with adjustable leg rests, so you don’t have to extend your legs too far when using it throughout the day! Some users say they haven’t even experienced any leg pain after using it for hours on end.

The Crossfire T-Series also features a swing-away footrest that makes transferring to and from the wheelchair extremely easy. The seat adjusts to fit your body shape perfectly while providing extra comfort thanks to its ergonomic design, adjustable back support, breathable mesh seating surface, and padded armrests. You can even adjust the push handles depending on what height is most comfortable for you! Lastly, this model comes with four caster wheels made of solid rubber, so they won’t be punctured easily or leave skid marks behind if used outdoors.

  • Weighs only 17 lbs
  • Ergonomic design and adjustable features for comfortability
  • Swing-away footrest makes transferring in and out easy
  • The seating surface can be a little uncomfortable for some users
Karman Healthcare S-105 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

The Karman Healthcare S-105 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Manual Wheelchair is a great choice for saving space without compromising comfortability. Its weight capacity makes it suitable for most individuals weighing under 300 lbs, which many manual wheelchair users fall into this category! This ultra-lightweight wheelchair by Karman has been engineered to support weights up to 250 lbs without compromising on the chair’s durability or ergonomics.

This model comes with adjustable handles and armrests so you can find your sweet spot when using them throughout the day. The footplates are also removable if you prefer not obstructions during use (although we don’t recommend removing them unless necessary). When combined with an aluminum frame that only weighs 18 lbs, this manual wheelchair is easily transported and stored.

  • 18 lb aluminum frame makes it easy to transport
  • Removable footplates for a more open feel when using the chair
  • Lightweight design make sit perfect for those with limited strength or range of motion in their upper body
  • A bit pricey compared to other lightweight models on the market today
Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Fly Lite Ultra Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is a great fit for those looking for an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that comes in under 20 lbs and has all the features you’d expect with larger models. Its weight capacity makes it suitable for most individuals weighing up to 200 lbs, which many users can be categorized into this category!

This model weighs only 19 lbs without additional options such as extra leg rests or seating pads attached to its frame. The rear wheels are also made of solid rubber, so they won’t leave skid marks behind if used outdoors on various surfaces. Lastly, this chair comes standard with wheel locks making it easy to secure when transporting people around tight spaces like narrow hallways or elevators while keeping them safe from tipping over when left unattended.

  • 19 lb frame makes it easy to transport and store
  • Wheel locks for added safety while transferring people in tight spaces or transporting indoors/outdoors
  • Solid rubber wheels won’t puncture easily on rough surfaces (indoors/outdoors)
  • No seating pads are included with this model, and you’ll have to purchase them separately if desired.
Quickie 5R Lightweight Wheelchair

The Quickie Lightweight Wheelchair is a great choice for those looking to save space without compromising on comfortability. Its weight capacity makes it suitable for most individuals weighing under 300 lbs, which many manual wheelchair users fall into this category! This ultra-lightweight wheelchair by Quickie has been engineered to support weights up to 250 lbs while maintaining its ergonomics and functionality with no risk of collapse or breakage over time due to wear and tear.

This model comes standard with swing-away footrests, making transferring in and out easy and adjustable push and handles so you can find your perfect height when using them throughout the day. The seating surface is also padded and contoured, providing extra support along with breathable mesh fabric that wicks away moisture to keep you cool and comfortable.

  • 25 lb aluminum frame makes it easy to transport
  • Swing-away footrests for transferring in/out of the chair are easier, as well as adjustable push handles that can be set at various heights depending on your personal preference.
  • Padded seating area with breathable mesh fabric providing additional comfort during use (day or night)
  • The arm pads are not removable from this model, so they will take up more space than those who prefer having their arms completely free when using the wheelchair.
Quickie Qri Lightweight Wheelchair


The ultra-lightweight wheelchair has a simple design, and it can be disassembled into five pieces. The lightest of these wheelchairs is the Quickie Qri Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair with only a seat weight of 19 pounds. It’s quite easy to install this chair if you have installed other chairs before, even though some people still find it challenging for their first use as they are not familiar with how exactly an up-down tilt mechanism works. Still, there is no need to worry about the assembly because there would always be customer service available on the phone 24/24 hours in the case that you get stuck or lost along the way when trying to assemble your new ultra-lightweight wheelchair yourself. In addition, many owners who bought Quickie Qri said that it’s very easy to change the height and angle of the seat.

Quickie Qri Lightweight Wheelchair is not a wheelchair that would require too much pressure on your shoulder when you are transporting it because its weight capacity is only up to 250 pounds which means even if two persons sit into this chair together, as long as they don’t weigh more than 450 lbs total, it will still be safely transported from one place to another without any problem. However, some owners complained about the armrest – many have said that the arms rest of Quickie Qri Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair can easily slide down, especially for those users with heavier weights, so it might need something extra to keep them secure while seated or standing. Still, so far, there has been no official complaint about the issue. Some people also suggested that if the armless were able to be locked in place, it would be a wonderful thing for this wheelchair model. However, as of now, Quickie Qri Lightweight Wheelchair is still perfect despite its minor flaw on arms rest which can easily be solved by applying some extra padding or other materials underneath them so users won’t have any problem when they are sitting and standing up.

  • Portable: the lightest and easiest to disassemble/fold that we’ve reviewed
  • Easy assembly, up/down tilt mechanism is simple for many users
  • Seat width of 16 inches can accommodate larger than average size user
  • No lock on armrests (easily solved by adding padding or other material underneath them)

Folding Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

Quickie 2 Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

The Quickie Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is a portable, ultra-lightweight wheelchair that provides the convenience of folding into an easily transportable package. It weighs just 23 pounds and can handle up to a 300-pound user with ease. This premium aluminum frame comes in four colors (blue, black, orange, or silver) for the style you’ll feel good about as well as practicality. The stylish design fits your personality without sacrificing comfort or safety features thanks to its padded seat designed specifically for people who spend hours sitting every day — it has no seams and feels like it’s custom fit more than off-the-shelf. Its standard eight-inch front casters are great on many surfaces, while its adjustable plate makes transfers easy by providing more stability and security. This foldable wheelchair costs $319, a nominal fee for its features and the convenience it provides.

The Quickie Foldable Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is built to accommodate the active user who does not want their equipment getting in the way of enjoying life on the go from one adventure to another. Whether you need an ultra-lightweight wheelchair that can be folded away into your car or taken onto public transportation while still providing all-day comfort without sacrificing style, this chair will get you where you need to go with ease thanks to its high-performance design made specifically for daily users – which means no seams!

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Four color options
  • Padded seat with no seams for comfort and support all day long
  • It can only handle up to 300 lbs.
TiLite Aero X Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair

The TiLite Aero X is a premium, ultra-lightweight wheelchair that offers superior performance with its titanium alloy frame. The overall design of this folding chair was made for traveling from one adventure to the next while still providing comfort and style with ease, thanks to its sleek lines and high-end features. You’ll be able to easily fold it away into smaller spaces when you need portability without sacrificing safety or support – whether riding public transportation or your car trunk — so you can get where ever life takes you without worry about how much room you have leftover in your vehicle’s cargo area once folded up. This full-size wheelchair comes standard with eight front casters designed specifically for users who spend their days sitting down as well as an adjustable rear axle that can be raised or lowered for stability. It also features a footrest that is designed to accommodate users with an ankle extension, making it easier than ever before to get in and out of your chair and use the restroom without assistance. The TiLite Aero X Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair comes in four stylish colors (silver, blue, titanium mat metallic, or titanium), allowing you style on the go while still feeling good about being practical thanks to its unique design made specifically for daily users who spend hours sitting down every day — no seams!

  • Titanium alloy frame
  • Stylish, sleek design for everyday users who spend hours sitting down
  • Only comes in four colors
TiLite 2GX Foldable Ultralight Wheelchair

TiLite’s GX is a lightweight wheelchair that can be folded. It weighs less than 14 pounds! It also can hold up to 400 pounds and comes with an aluminum frame which makes for some incredible strength. When I first started looking at ultra lightweights, this was one of the models recommended by my consultant, so that’s why I chose it as part of my testing process.

The folding mechanism is one of the features that I like because it allows you to collapse and store any wheelchair in a small space so long as there’s still room. Additionally, if someone else needs to use your chair, they can easily pick up its collapsed form without having to ask for help or bring along their tools. Such an option would be incredibly beneficial for my mother, who has had difficulty storing all the equipment she requires inside her home at times! Fortunately, with this model, we have not encountered such problems on several occasions now.

When asked about assembly, many users report that it only takes about five minutes before you’re ready to go out into public again, making life much easier than expected, considering everything else involved with wheelchairs. I was very excited to receive my GX, and even more so once it arrived. It is incredibly lightweight, folds easily for storage or transport, and takes up a minimal amount of space overall. For anyone who needs additional assistance with mobility but doesn’t want to deal with heavy chairs daily, this would be an excellent option when looking at ultra lightweights!


  • Extremely lightweight (weighs less than 14 pounds)
  • Folds for easy storage or transport

Ultra Light Rigid Wheelchairs

TiLite ZRA series rigid ultralight wheelchair

They can be adjusted to fit any body type, size, and weight with a simple push of a button on the backrest allowing for easy transportation and being perfect for travel. Adjustable footplates allow users to change from standard-length legs up to extra-long without sacrificing comfort or stability. An integrated axle system folds into two halves that attach directly into each seat tube assembly, making it compact enough to stow overhead on flights to reduce brake downtime and storage space during transport. It’s also available in three different colors; white, bright red, and black, so you won’t have trouble identifying who’s wheelchair belongs to! It comes with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

The ZRA series is available in two variations, standard, and XL (Extra Long). The extra-long option allows users to adjust the footplate length to accommodate longer legs without sacrificing comfort or stability. This item can be purchased online through Amazon, Walmart, or QVC, among other websites. It is also offered in three different colors; white, bright red, and black, so you won’t have trouble identifying who’s wheelchair belongs to!

  • Ultra-lightweight with a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Adjustable footplates to accommodate longer legs without sacrificing comfort or stability
  • Folds down into two halves for compact storage and transport in small spaces such as overhead bins on planes
  • TiLite ZRA series rigid ultralight wheelchair does not come standard with anti-tippers. However, they are available separately from the manufacturer.
TiLite Aero T series rigid ultralight wheelchair

The TiLite Aero T series is another amazing chair for those looking to be active and stay independent. It comes standard with a large rear basket, adjustable footrests that can be quickly removed if needed, along with an easily removable back support pad (and there’s even access from the side as well). The frame on this chair has been designed to provide comfortable pushing by distributing user weight evenly over larger contact areas which helps prevent muscle strain or fatigue when going out and about. Weighing only 19 pounds, it also meets our lightweight standards but doesn’t let its low weight fool you because this thing may look small, but it packs a serious punch! With arms rated up to 300 lbs each and custom wheels available, the Aero is incredibly strong and not something we want you to be worried about.

The wing-shaped frame also comes in handy because it provides supplemental head support by cradling your neck. However, this means that those with larger necks may find themselves struggling a bit, so make sure to check into this if you’re concerned (or have a similar issue).

  • Weighs only 19 pounds, making traveling around much easier, especially outdoors where terrain can get rough or uneven.
  • Large contact points distribute weight evenly over greater surface areas making for comfortable pushing and less muscle fatigue/strain when going on trips or adventures!
  • Automatic brakes keep users safe while sitting down without having to worry about manually locking them in place.
  • The wing-shaped frame does provide head support but also means those with larger necks may find it difficult to use

How to choose an ultra lightweight wheelchair

Wheelchair Size and Weight

There are two main considerations when choosing a wheelchair: size and weight. These go hand-in-hand, as the lighter a chair is, the smaller it will be, which can fit in tighter spaces that may not accommodate larger chairs or luggage. The three measurements to consider for sizing your ultralight wheelchair include width (between side seat cushions), depth (from the back of a chair to front legs), and height where you sit from floor level up to the midpoint of the head). If possible, choose one with an adjustable tiller so you’ll be able to change its positioning depending on how tall or short you are compared to other riders who use this same model ultralight wheelchair.

Wheelchairs typically come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Suppose you are a larger rider or have longer legs than the average person for your height (height should be measured from floor to top of the head while standing in bare feet). In that case, you must choose an ultralight wheelchair with “spreader bars” on either side between seat cushions so they don’t connect when being pushed by another person. This will allow enough room and prevent leg injuries such as hip dislocations due to the lack of space.

Wheelchairs also come in two weight categories: lightweight and heavy-duty models. Ultralight wheelchairs weigh 20 pounds or less each, whereas regular ones range from 25 – 50 lbs per chair depending upon size and features. As a rule of thumb, the larger and taller your wheelchair is (especially if you are over six feet tall), the heavier it will be because more material goes into its construction to accommodate additional strength needed with increased weight or size.

Wheelchair Material

Ultralight wheelchairs come in three primary materials: steel, aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber which break down as follows from heaviest to lightest:

  • Steel ultralight wheelchair frames weigh about 30 lbs each, whereas lighter-duty models range between 20 – 25 lbs per chair. Stronger than regular chairs due to added metal used on parts such as axles that take the most wear and tear from day-to-day activities while using this model ultralight wheelchair – sitting, standing, turning, and pushing.
  • Aluminum alloy ultralight wheelchairs weigh about 20 lbs each, whereas lighter-duty models range between 15 – 18 pounds per chair. Stronger than steel with low metal parts that require little maintenance, such as bearings used on the wheels, typically last one to two years before needing replacement depending upon use (amount of hours spent in this model wheelchair). Bearings are not covered under warranty, so you’ll be responsible for purchasing new ones when needed unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer or retailer selling these products online.
  • Carbon fiber ultralight wheelchairs weigh only a few pounds (.50-.75) each, whereas lighter-duty models range from .35-.45 lbs per chair. The lightest available, weighing almost half what steel and aluminum alloy models weigh, with low metal parts that don’t require much maintenance. Bearings are the same as those used on the wheels of an aluminum ultralight wheelchair. Still, the carbon fiber frame is not nearly as strong, which is why they aren’t suitable for heavier riders who would normally need a stronger model chair to accommodate their size and weight needs.

Ideally, you should choose an ultralight wheelchair made from steel or aluminum alloy if your body weighs 250 lbs or more because this type has greater strength than its lighter counterpart to hold larger individuals comfortably while being pushed by another person in case of sudden stops, turns or bumps in terrain due to weather conditions such as rain when using these lightweight chairs (although caution must be taken to prevent tipping over when turning or stopping abruptly due to lack of weight on the back wheels).

Wheelchair Price

Ultralight wheelchairs typically range in price from $300-$1500, whereas regular wheelchairs cost between $500 – $2500 depending upon size and features. There are many different types available such as medical, sport, folding, etc. Still, ultralights are usually more expensive than standard models because they require less overall material into their construction, meaning more significant savings for you, which is why it’s important to compare prices online before purchasing one so you don’t get ripped off, especially since these chairs aren’t covered under warranty like heavier duty ones if a defect occurs within its first year (or two) of use outside normal wear and tear.

lifting capacity

Most ultralight wheelchairs offer a 250 lbs or less weight capacity, whereas standard models have greater capacities weighing about 100 – 300 lbs without being too bulky to lift into your vehicle. However, there are three types of folding chairs that stand out from the rest: ultra-light and small (ULS), outdoor wheelchair with removable seat back and sling-style – all offering high lifting capacities suitable for larger riders who weigh up to 500 pounds because they come equipped with more robust material used in their construction such as steel alloy or aluminum which means you won’t need an extra person on hand when transporting this type around town depending upon where you live whether it’s city life or country living in case of sudden stops, turns or bumps in terrain due to weather conditions such as rain when using this type of wheelchair.

Additional features

Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs don’t have as many additional features available compared to standard models that offer a greater range of products designed for specific needs such as comfort, maneuverability, and transport. For example, regular chairs are built with high-tech suspensions systems that absorb shock from everyday use. In contrast, ultralights lack this technology because they weigh less, making it more difficult to accommodate larger riders, especially those who need specialized seating support (such as semi-reclined position) or tilt in space options if your body weight exceeds 500 lbs.

The same goes for suspension systems on wheels: even though some ultralight wheelchairs come equipped with pneumatic tires made from rubber, offering good traction when used outdoors on city streets or country roads during excellent weather conditions, these tires are thinner than standard models, which means you’ll need to inflate them more often with a hand pump whenever they lose air pressure due to overuse during inclement weather (i.e., rain or snow). Standard tires do not require inflation, but either way, your chair must come equipped with locking breaks on both back wheels and for the front swivel wheel, especially if you live in an area where there is ice or snow on the ground because these types of conditions will make turning almost impossible unless you have good braking power.

Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Features to Look For

Ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are built with a focus on user-friendliness and convenience. They must be easily foldable, sturdy enough to handle all kinds of terrain (even off-road), easy to disassemble for storage or travel in small spaces like trunks, but light enough so that just about anyone can lift them into the car/bus without having to rely on others.

Only specific designs make sense when it comes to ultra-lightweight mobility chairs since other features would add weight, defeating the purpose of using this type of product instead of something more traditional that weighs significantly less than an ultralight wheelchair. For example, adjustable footrests have no place in these types of products because they’re not necessary if you’re under, say, 300 pounds. The same can be said for adjustable leg rests (although they’re pretty popular in standard wheelchairs).

  • Pneumatic tires with large diameters and “spokes” are a must to help keep weight down and provide maximum stability over all kinds of terrain. These wheels are often made from puncture-resistant rubber, which is suitable even on rough asphalt roads outdoors or anywhere inside an indoor environment like malls/stadiums/bus stops where there’s potential for glass or other debris causing trouble.
  • The frame needs to be sturdy enough so people who weigh up to 250 lbs won’t have problems when sitting on it, yet still lightweight at the same time as not everyone has access to a vehicle that can accommodate a chair with back support.
  • The seat needs to be designed in such a way as not to take up too much space and still provide enough comfort for those who need it after long periods of sitting (the average person is used to chairs that sit 14 inches off the ground; wheelchairs are typically 18+). The wider/larger this part of the wheelchair is, and depending on how adjustable it is, will determine if someone without complete hip control yet whose legs dangle when seated should use an ultralight or standard model instead.
  • Lastly, there’s the issue of height adjustments. When you’re dealing with hundreds of pounds being lifted into place by strong arms while seated in what feels like nothing more than a metal/plastic shell, one wants to make sure that the product they’re using is not just compact but also very stable when at its highest position. Height adjustment levers need to be sturdy enough so people who weigh up to 250 lbs won’t have problems with adjusting it while seated, yet easy enough for them too (not requiring excessive force and strength) for them to adjust their wheelchair height without needing someone else around every time this needs doing.
  • The last thing anyone should worry about is cleaning. Most ultra-lightweight wheelchairs are treated like any other type of portable chair, meaning you can easily remove the seat cover via zippers or Velcro straps if there’s fabric instead of vinyl covering it, then toss it into the washing machine with regular detergent and fabric softener. It’s as simple as that!


What is the benefit of a lightweight wheelchair?
  • Easier to travel with and transport (especially on public transportation)
  • Great for outdoor use due to sturdy design, larger wheels, and adjustable footrests that can be removed if needed
  • A lighter chair means less fatigue/strain when pushing, which is important, especially outdoors or in rough terrain where the road may not be flat!
How much does a manual ultra-lightweight wheelchair cost?

Typically around the $500 mark, but prices may vary depending on the brand.

We usually recommend going with a good quality brand such as TiLite or Quickie so you know you’re getting something that will last and be sturdy enough for outdoor use! If price is an issue, they often have used chairs available at a reduced rate which are still perfectly fine.

Are lightweight wheelchairs good for traveling?

Yes! A lightweight wheelchair is easier to travel with and transport which makes it perfect for traveling.


When it comes to choosing an Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair, there are many factors you should take into account. Your lifestyle and your specific needs will determine the best wheelchair for you. Whether you need a lightweight wheelchair that is easy to transport or one with more features, we have some great tips in our blog post on choosing an Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair.