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For people who have mobility challenges that make going to the bathroom more difficult, a raised toilet can be a practical solution. Products known as toilet platforms, toilet pedestals, toilet elevators and other similar names all perform the same function by raising the toilet from underneath its base. This raising of the toilet provides easier access for seniors and other individuals who have trouble bending.

In addition, they have the added benefit of increasing safety during transitioning from the walker or wheelchair to the toilet and vice versa. These benefits are crucial for users with disabilities in their legs or spine, whether they be temporary or permanent. Post-surgery recovery, old age, obesity, and arthritis are some of the most common mobility impairing reasons to get a toilet basin modification in the home.

However, riser pedestals are also highly beneficial to people with certain neuromuscular, neurological, blood vessel and artery diseases that severely affect their ability to move and function normally. These modifications are near crucial for users suffering from severe diseases such as paraplegia, Parkinson’s, osteoarthritis, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Huntington’s, or Multiple Sclerosis, to name a few.

Riser seats or toilet pedestals can also relieve the stress of going to the bathroom for a person with disabilities. In addition, a raised toilet seat for elderly relatives helps tremendously in preventing mishaps and puts less stress on their worn body parts.

One of the biggest advantages of a toilet pedestal is that it saves people from having to buy a new raised toilet that is ADA-compliant. They fit either over or under a regular toilet, easing the transfer from a wheelchair and allowing the user more independence when toileting. These installations can be mounted easily and are adjustable and removable whenever needed. A toilet riser base installation also provides a more hygienic alternative to a raised toilet seat and is a cleaner option for the whole family.

Elevated toilet seats and other installations that are less reliable may cause falls and other medical emergencies and do not provide the same level of stability as a toilet elevator. Raising the height of the toilet facilitates more independence from the user when toileting, waiving the need for a caregiver to accompany them. Many caregivers, both in the user’s home or a nursing home, agree that toileting assistance happens many times during the day and night, and is a difficult task for both parties. A toilet pedestal riser is also easier to clean and keep intact.

It is possible to find toilet rise platform models that are made specifically for home or RV use. Most products on the market are able to elevate toilets another 2.5 to 4 inches for easier access and are safer than other products that may increase fall risks. Many toilet platforms are white to match the porcelain color of most toilets, but products that come in different colors can be found as well. Dimensions vary in measurements, but people who have elongated toilets often find that grande-sized toilet base rise models work best. Some standard plumbing tools and silicon with a longer toilet water supply line may be required for installation, but many of the leading toilet elevator base of toilet models come with installation kits that include a few simple components.

As with many products, the best place for many customers to find an appropriate toilet riser or toilet pedestal is by looking at a list of the most popular models. Below you will find 8 toilet risers with description and characteristics for each one to aid you in your choice. This list includes both temporary, short term, and permanent solutions, at different points in the pricing spectrum to help you find the best elevated toilet seat solution as well as the best toilet seat riser to fit your needs.

Best Toilet Pedestals


The Toilevator has received many positive reviews and is a more hygienic option than a raised toilet seat. This product fits most round and elongated toilets that measure 14 or 15 inches and can add another 3.5 inches of height. With its stable, slip-free design, people don’t have to worry about the product slipping out of place and increasing fall risks while in use. This toilet riser platform is also adjustable and easy to remove and requires no special cleaning or maintenance.

  • Safe, sturdy long term modification
  • Raises the toilet seat 3.5 inches, ability to add a toilet riser seat
  • Less likely to be noticed by guests
  • Does not modify the toilet seat
  • Not portable
  • Requires reinstallation of the toilet
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
11 and 7/16 inches 23 and ¼ inches 3 and ½ inches 500 lbs
Carex Raised Toilet Seat with Rubber Pads

At the top of the budget category. Removable, shaped seat created to be on the wider side for better user comfort with rubber anti-slip pads on the underside. This model raises the user 5 inches above the toilet seat, making it particularly good for creating a higher toilet seat for elderly people. The toilet riser is easy to clean, light, and portable. For temporary or short-term solutions, this is a great choice.

  • Portable toilet seat riser
  • Lightweight Easy to use toilet seat for seniors
  • Anti-slip rubber pads on the underside
  • Budget solution
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Less stability and safety than a locking riser seat
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
16 inches 15 inches 4.5 inches 300 lbs
AliMed Toilevator Grande

Able to accommodate up to 500 pounds, this toilet base riser is especially beneficial for individuals with larger body types and elongated toilets. Toilet riser seats that sit on top of the toilet bowl can be an eyesore, not to mention unstable, and require cleaning. Removing the riser before use can be unsanitary to anyone sharing the same toilet, including guests and family members.

However, this toilet elevator base of toilet model is set on the floor at the toilet’s base to achieve the desired lifting effect, functionally becoming a platform, or raised toilet base between the toilet installation and the bathroom floor. The discrete design of the model’s oval pan blends in well with a toilet and looks like a natural addition.

  • More hygienic and safe than a toilet riser seat
  • Discreet and guest friendly, doesn’t modify the toilet seat itself
  • Fits elongated toilets
  • No additional parts required for installation
  • Not portable
  • Requires reinstallation of the toilet
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
28 and ¾ inches 15 and ¼ inches 3 and ½ inches 500 lbs
The Wright Stuff Easy Toilet Riser

This toilet elevator can increase toilets another 4 inches from the base. The heavy-duty frame has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds. Everything that is needed to attach the platform is included in the installation kit.

MedWay Easy Toilet Riser

Like the previous option, this discreetly raises the toilet base off of the floor rather than modifying the toilet seat, allowing for both a raised toilet seat for elderly people and a more sanitary solution for other users. The 4-inch lifting capability of this toilet pedestal can simplify the process of going to the bathroom for people with disabilities. It can accommodate up to 800 pounds and is another great heavy-duty option on the market. Two extra-long Johnny Bolts with nuts and washers, two wax rings and one water supply line are included with the installation kit to make putting in the new toilet riser base a hassle-free task. It is also available in extra large for wide based toilet installations.

  • Discreet, allows others to use the toilet
  • Blends in with the ceramic of the toilet and can be painted 2 height and size options
  • Anchored, stable, no sway during use
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Lengthy installation time
  • Requires removal and lifting of the toilet
  • Not portable
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
21 ¼ inches 11 ½ inches 4 inches 800 lbs
Thetford Toilet Riser for RV Trailers

Anyone who enjoys taking trips in the RV and wants to bring along a reliable toilet pedestal riser will likely be satisfied with this product. This model can raise a toilet another 2.5 inches and is built to fit several types of Aqua Magic toilets. Weighing just 3.44 pounds, this toilet riser platform won’t be strenuous to carry and install. For RV use cases, this is one of the best raised toilet seat solutions.

  • Stable, anchored solution
  • More stable installation than a toilet cover
  • Allows guests and family members to use toilet
  • Requires reinstallation of the toilet
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
15 and ½ inches 15 and ¼ inches 3 inches 300 lbs
Carex Toilet Seat Elevator

In addition to the standard version of this toilet seat cover, there is also an elongated version for longer seats. There is a third version as well, and it is one of the best toilet seat risers with handles. It screws onto the current toilet bowl for increased stability (very important for toilet risers for seniors) and raises the functional height by 3.5 inches. Its durable design is made from polyethylene plastic, and supports a maximum of 300 lbs. The Carex Toilet Seat Elevator requires nothing but a screwdriver to install.

  • Lightweight, weighting in at 2.33 lbs.
  • More durable and stable than other toilet covers
  • Does not modify current toilet seat or lid
  • Fits both short and long term use
  • One of the lightest toilet risers with handles
  • Medium installation time
  • Hard to clean
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
17 and ½ inches (Elongated version – 19 and ¼ inches) 13 and ½ inches (Elongated version – 14 inches) 3 and ½ inches 300 lbs
Maddak Extra-Wide Tall-Ette

The only option on this list with support legs, the The Tall-Ette resembles a bedside commode but with only the toilet seat. This is one of the most durable options, and is available in 3 varieties: no legs, aluminum frame, or steel frame. The lightweight, aluminum frame is a great toilet seat riser with arms for the elderly. There is also a choice in a temporary version or a bolting, fastenable option which comes with a bolt-down Lok-In-El bracket. The aluminum frame supports up to 400 pounds, while the steel frame supports up to 600. This high weight allowance makes it a great option for bariatric use cases and one of the best raised toilet seats for elderly people.

  • 3 varieties: no frame, steel frame, aluminum frame
  • Increased stability — toilet seat riser with arms and legs
  • Adaptable to user, adjustable height
  • Anti-slip rubber feet
  • Facilitates bariatric use
  • Lightweight (10 lbs.)
  • Permanent and temporary use options
  • Easy to remove and relocate
  • Good choice for geriatric toilet seat
  • Bracket can add time to installation
  • Difficult to clean when fastened to toilet
Seat Length Seat Width Seat Height Weight capacity Width between frame legs Total Height
16 inches 18 and ½ inches 4 inches Aluminum frame: 400 lbs., Steel frame: 600 lbs 19 inches 22 and ½ inches
EZ-Access Tilt Toilet Incline Lift Seat

The most expensive option on this list, but also the most versatile, The EZ-Access system is designed to accommodate users that have suffered significant loss to mobility. Offering a variety of advantages and unmatched support than the other models in the list, The EZ-Access is designed to act as an electrically powered support lift, gently supporting the user as they are lowered from a standing position to sitting on the toilet.

Once a user is finished, they press a button and the lift seat puts them back into a standing position. It is designed for cases where the user has less mobility than the others on this list, such as users with inflammatory muscle diseases or severe arthritis, bridging the gap between transitioning to and from the toilet seat. However, if you can afford it, it is one of the most comfortable toilet risers for elderly people as well. It comes in both standard and elongated versions, with an available two year warranty for this product.

  • Most stable and safe option
  • Battery or corded power options
  • Allows user more independence, lifting them to and from an upright position
  • Least stressful option
  • Strong and dependable design
  • Touch button
  • Available arm supports
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Quick installation
  • Two year warranty
  • Needs clearance on either side of the toilet
  • Takes some effort during installation
  • Expensive Corded power option will not work in power outage 20 lift battery life before recharge is needed
Length Width Height Weight Capacity
24 inches 24 inches 18 inches 325 lbs

How to Choose A Toilet Riser Platform

There is no guarantee that at some time in our life, we or someone close to us will not require one of these adaptations to help us in toileting. Finding the most suitable installation for the use case at hand is a consideration that many of us will face. When shopping for a new toilet base riser, the following factors should be considered so that the right choice is made:

  • Shape – The shape of the toilet pedestal should coincide with the shape of the toilet’s base so that everything fits together correctly. Trying to force a toilet platform onto a toilet base that has a different shape could result in certain health and safety hazards and also create more difficulties for people with mobility challenges who want to stay comfortable while going to the restroom.
  • Height – The ideal amount of height that the platform rises will depend on each individual’s personal health status and medical needs. Whether a person needs a toilet riser that raises the toilet just 2.5 inches or as much as four inches, the option that offers the easiest access and provides the greatest comfort should be chosen.
  • Weight Capacity – How much weight a particular toilet pedestal riser can accommodate should also be taken into consideration when reviewing options. Most models have a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, but some can accommodate up to 800 pounds. Purchasing a toilet riser platform that can accommodate the right amount of weight will also help to ensure greater comfort while sitting on the toilet.
  • Installation Requirements – Some models require the use of personal home tools while others come in a set that includes a few simple components to make installation easier. Getting a platform that comes with an installation set is a good idea for people with mobility challenges that live alone or have limited help from others. It is best to buy a platform pan that is removable and won’t leave marks on the floor after it has been mounted.
  • Color – Choosing a toilet elevator that is the same color as the toilet is most people’s personal preference and will make the new addition look far less noticeable by guests and other family members who use the bathroom. An installation that is a different color will still work just as well but could appear to be more obvious and out of place.