A three-wheel mobility scooter is a type of electric personal transportation device. The first thing you should know about these devices is that they are not motor vehicles, and therefore cannot be driven on public roads or highways. That being said, it’s important to note that many states do allow them on sidewalks if the local municipality does not have laws banning their usage in certain areas (see this article for more information).

Many people assume that three-wheel mobility scooters are somehow inferior to four-wheeled models – but nothing could be further from the truth! Three-wheelers can offer increased stability over their counterparts with more oversized front casters, which help prevent tipping due to uneven surfaces like curbs and inclines. Many also include cushioned seats and armrests for additional comfort.

If you are interested in learning more about choosing a three-wheel mobility scooter, read this article for valuable tips!

Three-wheel mobility scooters tend to be smaller and lighter than other types of products on the market today – which makes them easy to transport from place to place if necessary (e.g., putting it into storage during bad weather). However, they also make up for some of that lost size with their increased stability compared with four wheels models. For those who find themselves frequently riding over rough terrain or curbs, our advice is simple: invest in a three-model!  

Golden Technologies Literider 3-Wheel Scooter

We recommend the Literider as it’s one of the lightest and most affordable three-wheeled devices on our list. It has a maximum speed of four miles per hour, a padded seat that can support up to 250 pounds, an operational range of 15 miles, dual rear suspension systems, and even comes with LED lighting for added safety!

Additionally, its frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and all parts are rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about corrosion or damage over time.

Overall, suppose you’re looking for something durable yet affordable at the same time. In that case, we highly recommend getting your hands on either this scooter or its slightly more expensive cousin – The Golden Technologies Companion, which also has swivel front wheels.

We recommend checking out Amazon or your local medical supply store for the best deals on all products featured in our blog posts. While these are trustworthy companies with good reputations, we also suggest reviewing their return policies and warranty information before making any purchases to ensure you’re satisfied with what you receive.

  • Lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • The operational range of 15 miles per charge
  • Supports up to 250 pounds with an adjustable backrest and padded seat
  • No swivel front wheels for easier turning in tight spots
Pride Maxima 3-Wheel Scooter

While the Literider is a great entry-level device for those who need something affordable, we also recommend checking out Pride’s Maxima scooter, which comes equipped with all of the same features as its less expensive cousin.

This includes an adjustable backrest and padded seat that supports up to 300 pounds, LED lighting system, 15 miles per hour maximum speed (slightly faster than average), dual rear suspension systems, and even free shipping on orders over $500!

The only real difference between this model and our number one pick is two front shock absorbers instead of just one; however, they do not swivel, so you won’t be able to turn very easily in tight spots.

That said, if you on using your new three-wheel scooter primarily around a large house or in an open space where you won’t run into many obstacles, then this is your best bet.

  • Supports up to 300 pounds with an adjustable backrest and padded seat
  • Top speed of 15 miles per hour
  • Dual rear suspension systems for added safety when driving over bumpy terrains like gravel roads or grass lawns.
  • No swivel front wheels for easier turning in tight spots.
Pride Maxima 3-Wheel Scooter

While the Maxima is a great entry-level three-wheel scooter, it doesn’t offer many options for customization – something especially important if you’re looking for a device to use daily.

That’s why we recommend checking out Drive Medical’s Zoom, which comes with an adjustable tiller and joystick system, LED lights on both front and back of the frame, fully customizable footplate sizes (between 14″ to 20″), cup holders, storage bins as well as four wheels instead of just three!

It also has a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour compared to 15, but considering this will be your main mode of transportation around town, then anything more than 12 isn’t necessary, in our opinion.

This might very well be the best three-wheel scooter on our list and one we highly recommend checking out for yourself.

  • Fully customizable footplate options (14″ to 20″)
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame
  • Cup holders, storage bins, and LED lighting system with swivel front wheels.
  • No padded seat or adjustable backrest; however, you can purchase a separate accessory if you need one.
Drive Medical Phoenix HD 3-Wheel Travel Scooter

The Drive Medical Phoenix HD is a very popular scooter model. It’s affordable and has the longest warranty (two years) of any comparable travel scooters on the market for what it offers. The scale capacity isn’t bad either at 350 lbs, but as always, we recommend consulting your manufacturer or medical provider to determine whether this would meet your needs.

This product comes standard with lots of bells and whistles, including an anti-tip wheel design and easy access battery pack that allows you to just lift from underneath, which all make removal easier than ever before! This doesn’t include a headlight, though, as some other models do, so keep that in mind if visibility is especially important to you during darker hours.

The only downside to the Drive Medical Phoenix HD is that it doesn’t perform well in inclines over a five-degree hill and has trouble with uneven surfaces. This isn’t an ideal scooter for those who live on hills or have bumpy driveways/sidewalks, but if you want one of the most reliable products out there at a decent price point, this might be what you need!

  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy access battery pack allows for removal with just a lift of the handlebars
  • The very affordable price point
  • Doesn’t perform well on inclines.

Best Budget 3 Wheeled Scooters

Travel Pro Premium 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

A portable and foldable scooter that is perfect for travel since it can easily fit in the trunk of a car. It has large 12″ wheels, an adjustable tiller, and ergonomic handles with seat belt.

  • Weight capacity – 250 lbs (113 kgs)
  • Top speed: up to around four miles per hour (six km/h)

The Travel Pro Premium Mobility Scooter offers both comfort and ease of use, as well as portability, so you can take it wherever you go! The chair lifts off for easy loading into your vehicle’s large trunk area without having to disassemble the unit first. As long as there are no stairs at your destination or very narrow halls, little beauty will get you where you want to go in comfort and safety.

The company offers a one-year warranty and free shipping for this model when you purchase it from their website. The price is currently $899, but there are often discounts available, so be sure to check the current price before making your final decision on which scooter best suits your needs!

  • Large 12″ wheels for increased stability
  • Able to be folded down and stored in a vehicle’s trunk or backseat
  • Lightweight (only weighs around 80 lbs), so it can easily be moved inside of the house
  • Low maximum weight capacity (250 lbs)
Drive Medical Scout Spitfire 3 Wheel Travel Power Scooter

Many people might be looking for a lightweight mobility scooter that is easy to transport and store. With its low weight capacity of up to 265 pounds, the Drive Medical Scout Spitfire Travel Power Scooter offers the user a simple solution. This drive medical scout has three wheels and an adjustable tiller making it easier for the users who want to have complete control over their devices while using them. It also comes equipped with battery packs which can give you more time on your trips if you’re constantly traveling or taking long strolls around town.

The Drive Medical Scout Spitfire Travel Power Scooter weighs 55 pounds. The dimensions of this scooter are 23.25 x 18.75 x 41 inches, which makes it easy to use for both men and women who want a simple solution that they can easily store in their homes or put inside their cars without having any problems with its size or weight capacity. It comes equipped with 20-inch tires, so you don’t have to worry about struggling on uneven surfaces while using your mobile device at home or outside when taking long walks around town is desired by many people. The turning radius of this drive medical scout travel power scooter is very small, making driving easier, especially if you have trouble maneuvering through tight spaces while traveling outdoors!

  • The Drive Medical Scout Spitfire Travel Power Scooter comes equipped with large tires that make it easier for users to drive on sidewalks and other outdoor surfaces without needing a lot of concentration.
  • This scooter has a maximum speed of around four miles per hour, making traveling while using this device much more enjoyable since you can move at your own pace!
  • The battery life is only three hours, so if you’re constantly going out or taking long trips outside regularly, then having spare batteries would be necessary to continue enjoying the great outdoors.
Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter

The Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter offers a reliable, smooth power capacity and is great for those looking to travel short distances. This compact product can be used on almost any surface, including sidewalks, grassy areas, or inside buildings like malls or offices.

It has an easy-to-use folding system that makes it perfect for traveling – simply fold up the scooter until you get to your destination (and unfold when needed). The built-in battery charger means that there’s no need to worry about finding another place to recharge the battery either! Another feature of this particular model is its sturdy, tubular steel frame construction with front anti-tip wheels. This means that the scooter is low in maintenance and provides maximum stability. Moreover, its quiet operation lets users travel without disturbing those around them – a great benefit!

  • Battery charger included
  • Folds up easily for transport and storage
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame construction with front anti-tip wheels decreases maintenance needs and provides maximum stability.
  • The seat is too low to the ground/may be uncomfortable for some users.
Go-Go Ultra X 3 Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter

Suppose you are looking for a go-go travel mobility scooter. In that case, one of the most popular options is the Go-Go Ultra X. This model has an excellent track record with satisfied customers and good quality ratings from independent consumer products review sites. The product description on Amazon says it provides superior stability, which gives peace of mind to users who feel less comfortable getting around in unstable surroundings or terrain such as sand or bumpy roads. Moreover, people have written that this portable electric scooter does well even when going up steep hills and slopes so they can enjoy their vacation without worrying about limitations imposed by physical disabilities caused by age or illness.

Features that make it stand out include:
  • Great ground clearance (14 inches)
  • Automatic braking system – it comes to a stop when the joystick is released
  • Excellent battery life – it can travel up to 18 miles on one charge depending on weight and speed of use, which means users don’t need to worry about running out of power in the middle of their journey.
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Easy maintenance with removable parts that are also dishwasher safe, so they’re clean after every trip
  • All-Terrain tires make this scooter great for off-road riding as well as smooth surfaces like sidewalks or trails outside parks and campgrounds.
  • It can handle cobblestone streets, uneven sidewalks, and rough terrain.
  • The battery lasts long enough for an entire day of sightseeing without having to recharge it.
  • Easy storage thanks to the foldable design
  • It doesn’t have a reverse gear, so it’s difficult to go backward.

Folding three wheeled scooters

Amigo TravelMate Folding Mobility Scooter

Having a mobility scooter is ideal for individuals living with limited movement. The major benefit of owning a three-wheeler over other types of mobility equipment is the ability to collapse it down into different pieces that can be transported in a car and assembled again once you reach your destination. This makes them suitable for travel on public transportation, if you have access to one at work or school, or even just going out shopping where there are no adequate facilities available.

The Amigo TravelMate Folding Mobility Scooter ($1499/ £1120) offers another unique feature that will appeal to many users; Transaxle technology allows an easy push along with mode that those with reduced arm strength will find very helpful.

This scooter is powered by a 500-watt motor and has an impressive range of 30 miles on one charge – it can support up to 300 pounds (136kg) in weight, which means most adults who don’t exceed this figure should be able to take advantage of its capabilities. The TravelMate Folding Mobility Scooter from Amigo provides two-speed settings with excellent control, comes equipped with LED lighting front and back, and indicators for improved safety when out on the road; It also features reflectors around the wheels for even more protection against accidents while traveling.

The seat height adjusts between 18 inches/46 cms high down to 16 inches/41cms; this model does not need to worry about the weather as it comes complete with a full-coverage waterproof canopy. The battery takes around 12 hours to charge fully and will give you between 18-30 miles (depending on terrain) before needing another top-up, which is great for journeys into town or taking in local attractions – just make sure your route back home isn’t too far from the scooter’s maximum range!

  • Transaxle technology
  • Two-speed settings for improved control and comfort when traveling around town.
  • Pricey compared to other three-wheel mobility scooters on the market.
Triax Sports Foldable 3-Wheel Scooter

The Triax Sports Foldable Mobility Scooter is suitable for taller users (up to 230 pounds or 105kg). It has a permanent seat with easy access, full suspension, and large footplates, meaning comfort should be increased compared to other three-wheel scooters that can feel more like riding an uncomfortable stool.

This model has two different speed settings and the option of switching between forward only travel mode – ideal if you are traveling over longer distances; reverse modes give excellent control that will help prevent accidents – this power-packed scooter features front and rear anti-slip handbrakes as well as LED headlights and brake lights. The whole unit weighs around 55lbs, so it’s lightweight enough for most people to transport without too much trouble, and because of its price ($1299/ £950), it’s an excellent option for beginners who want a basic model that will give them the freedom they need.

  • Lightweight – ideal for most users (up to 230 pounds or 105kg).
  • Two-speed settings with reverse modes make this scooter safe and easy to use out on the road.
  • Even though it is lightweight, some people may find carrying this scooter difficult because of its height.
  • Battery and motor are not as powerful compared to other models; the range per charge could be better.
3-Wheel Electric Folding Mobility Scooter 48V/350W Motor 3 Speeds+LED Headlight +Remote Control

This mobility scooter is a great option for people who want to get around their homes without the help of others. It’s compact and lightweight, so it can fit into any corner, but provides enough room for one person up to 250 pounds in weight. This model comes with an electric folding mechanism that allows you to unfold the unit when needed, then tuck it away again easily when not in use or if you need extra storage space at home. The wheels are also lockable, which prevents them from moving while your device is folded down or stored between uses. Not only does this make it easier to transport, but it ensures that there won’t be damage done by other objects accidentally hitting the tires during transit or storage periods since this mobility scooter has a smaller and lighter frame than standard models.

This model also comes with an electric folding mechanism that lets you unfold the unit when needed, then tuck it away again when not in use or if storage space is at a premium for your home or office. The wheels are lockable, which prevents them from moving while your device is folded down or stored between uses. Not only does this make transporting easier, but it ensures there won’t be damage done by other objects accidentally hitting the tires during transit since this version has a smaller and lighter frame than most traditional options on the market today.

Remote Control This product also makes traveling even easier because of its included cordless remote control feature. You don’t have to worry about messing around with a key or digging into your pocket to find the right button on the device. Just press and go with the push of a single button – it’s that easy!

This version also includes a cordless remote control feature, so you don’t have to worry about fussing around with keys or digging through your pockets for buttons when you need to get somewhere fast. A simple press is all it takes – it couldn’t be easier than this!

  • Folds down easily for compact storage
  • The cordless remote control makes getting around easier than ever before
  • LED headlights help you see better when riding in dark or low light conditions.
  • It may be too small for some users
Enfold Super Lightweight 46 lbs. Foldable Scooter

Folding scooters are a great option for people who want to get around their homes or offices without needing help from others. This model is super lightweight at only 46 pounds, so it can easily travel upstairs and fit into any corner of your home but still provides enough room for one person with a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. The folding mechanism makes this unit much easier to transport than other options since you don’t have the added bulk when traveling between locations like what’s needed with larger models that come in one piece rather than separate pieces which need reassembling before they’re ready to use again.

This version comes equipped with an electric folding mechanism that lets you quickly unfold the device using just the push of a button, which has a lock feature to prevent it from moving around while you’re using the device. This means that there won’t be damage done by other objects accidentally hitting the tires during transit or storage periods since this mobility scooter has a smaller and lighter frame than most traditional options on the market today.

+Cordless Remote Control This version also includes a cordless remote control feature, so you don’t have to worry about fussing around with keys or digging through your pockets for buttons when you need to get somewhere fast. A simple press is all it takes – it couldn’t be easier!

  • Easy to fold down for compact storage
  • Includes a cordless remote control feature for easier transport
  • Super lightweight at only 46 pounds
  • It may be too small for some users

How to choose a three-wheeled scooter

  • Weight capacity – As with all mobility scooters, you should always check the weight limit of a device before buying. For most three-wheelers, it’s between 300 and 375 pounds
  • Max speed – A good general rule is to look for models whose top speed doesn’t exceed six miles per hour when used indoors (or five miles per hour if used on an incline). Some units can travel at much higher speeds; however, we recommend sticking with slower options as they tend to be safer during turns or cornering.
  • Battery life – The battery will determine how far your scooter can go without recharging its power source. Most brands claim that their devices have enough juice for 15 or 20 miles after a full charge, but in reality, it’s usually closer to ten. As such, we recommend buying a second battery for extended trips if you need your device to go greater distances (see this article).
  • Weight – If weight is an important factor in your decision-making process, then three-wheelers are the best option! When looking at models from different brands, our advice is that pay special attention to how much they weigh before purchasing. Remember: lighter options will have less power but easier maneuverability and vice versa.
  • Charging time – The longer it takes for the scooter’s batteries to charge fully, the more inconvenient its usage becomes, especially on a long road or trail rides where hours can pass without access to electricity (or another source of energy) while it’s being recharged. If you’re considering a three-wheeler for outdoor use, we recommend choosing one with batteries that take no longer than twelve or fourteen hours to charge completely.
  • Operational range – The distance the scooter can go on a single battery charge before needing more energy is known as its operational range (in other words, how far it will travel). Most models claim they have an operational range of 15 miles, but in reality, it’s closer to ten; if you need something with greater distances between charges, then look at four-wheeled options instead!<
  • Wheel size/style – This factor should be considered only by those who plan on using their product indoors and mostly on flat surfaces like smooth concrete floors or indoor tile flooring without carpet. If that’s the case for you, we recommend choosing a three-wheeled device with swivel front wheels which are much easier to maneuver in tight spots (see this article).
  • Seat – Consider how comfortable the seat is before purchasing since it will be used several hours each day! The best options have padded seats that can support up to 250 or 300 pounds of weight; just remember not all models come with adjustable backs, so make sure your desired model does if required by your needs.
  • Controls and displays/instruments – Since most scooters only allow users to control the speed via their handlebars, look for one whose top speeds aren’t too fast as more powerful devices require additional training from physical therapists when purchased new. The more advanced devices usually have displays/instruments that tell you how fast you’re going and battery life left; however, we recommend sticking with simpler options since they are safer for beginners (see this article).
  • Cargo space – This is an important feature to consider if a caregiver or assistant will use your scooter. Look for models equipped with cargo trays on the back of their seats so extra items like medicine bottles or towels can easily be reached at all times.
  • Suspension system(s) – Consider this only if there’s one place where you plan on using your device most often as it affects ride comfort but not maneuverability. Most three-wheeled scooters come either without suspensions or have single front shock absorbers, which cushion the ride but make steering a little more difficult. If you plan on using your scooter mostly off-road or over bumpy surfaces like gravel roads, we recommend getting one with dual rear suspension systems; however, this will increase its weight and price (see this article)

Who Will Benefit From A 3 Wheeled Scooter?

  • Those who have only one arm (e.g., due to a stroke)
  • Those with diminished upper body strength but strong leg muscles
  • Those who are not able to walk more than 30 feet without feeling pain or fatigue
  • People are recovering from surgery, especially hip replacement surgery and knee replacement surgeries (see this article for more information about using a scooter after joint surgery).
  • The elderly who wish to remain independent
  • Those who need a scooter for outdoor use due to inclement weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow) or uneven surfaces in the home
  • Three-wheeled mobility scooters are ideal for people with lower body strength and those struggling with balance issues but have enough upper body control to operate their device safely.

General 3 Wheeled Scooters Pros and Cons

Advantages :

  • Three-wheel scooters are much lighter than four-wheel models, making them easier to maneuver for most people.
  • Their top speeds aren’t as fast, so they’re safer overall, especially for beginners who need an easy way of getting around their home or neighborhood.
  • Most three-wheeled devices come with padded seats that support up to 250 or 300 pounds, while the larger options have adjustable backs and instrument panels that tell you how fast you’re going.


  • Disadvantages include longer recharging times, operational ranges closer to ten miles instead of fifteen, and lack of swivel front wheels that are easier to turn in tight spots (see this article).

Maintenance of the three-wheel scooter

  • Clean the exterior of your scooter as needed with a mild cleaner such as dish soap and water.
  • Always use non-abrasive cleaners or polishes to clean your three-wheeled mobility scooter, so you don’t remove any protective coating that might be present on its body.
  • Keep all parts in place while cleaning by using zip ties if necessary. If desired, the tape may also work for this purpose.
  • Store the unit indoors when not in use. Avoid extreme temperatures whenever possible; try to keep it between 20°C (68°F) and 25 degrees Celsius (77 °F). Use a fan during the summer months if humidity becomes an issue.
  • It is important to check fluid levels regularly: brake oil, coolant, and charging system (battery).
  • Grease and lubricate the parts that are moving regularly. Check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations or schedule an appointment with our technicians if you have any problems.
  • Keep wires away from all moving parts, including wheels.
  • In case of electrical failure or damage to wiring, contact a certified technician at Epic Mobility Scooters immediately.


Will Medicare/Medicaid Cover a 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter?

Companies offering Medicare/Medicaid coverage for mobility scooters are increasing in number.

The reimbursement amount is determined by your medical condition, the level of assistance needed, and the nature of use you have with a scooter.

In most cases, you must prove that other means or devices can’t help you achieve better mobility (such as walkers, crutches, or braces) to get government funding for a three-wheeled electric scooter.

There might be additional charges depending on location and type of insurance if the caregiver accompanies the patient when traveling outside the home using their vehicle. You may also pay extra taxes at this time, which range from 15% to 35%.

How Can You Increase The Speed Of A 3 Wheel Electric Scooter?

A scooter can be a great option for someone who needs to get around town but doesn’t have the energy or stamina that they used to. However, not all people are created equally, and this means that some models of electric mobility scooters provide you with more speed than others. To increase your maximum velocity on your three-wheeled unit, here’s what you need to know:

  • Tires: To maximize speed, it is important to ensure that your tires are in good shape and properly inflated (usually done automatically if tire pressure sensors exist). Smaller wheels will often give better performance when accelerating from a stop because there is less distance between each rotation. Larger wheels allow for higher speeds at faster rates of travel.
  • Motor size: The electric motor’s power should also be considered when you are trying to figure out how to increase your speed on a three-wheeled scooter. Often, it is possible to upgrade the original motor for models that come with smaller motors or replace batteries if there isn’t enough juice in them. This will often allow you to travel faster than before without worrying about running out of charge too soon. While larger engines may seem like they would be better at first glance, make sure that your machine has an automatic transmission so that the throttle can modulate and choose accordingly if possible.
  • Wheels: A scooter’s front wheels typically need only between one inch (25 mm) and two inches (50 mm) of clearance space to operate properly. If you are looking for a way to increase your speed on the go, however, make sure that there is enough room between you and any overhead obstructions like low hanging tree branches or electrical wires so that they don’t become entangled with the front end of your scooter and cause an accident.
  • Weight: For those who want access to faster speeds but aren’t interested in upgrading their electric mobility scooters’ motors or batteries, then decreasing their weight might also be something worth considering because it increases both acceleration and top speed simultaneously without requiring additional parts or money invested into them over time. While losing weight isn’t always easy, try taking up an exercise routine to burn off the excess pounds as quickly as possible if this option interests you. Doing so could give you access to faster speeds without having to spend more money than expected.
Can You Keep A 3 Wheel Electric Scooter Outside?

All-electric mobility scooters are designed to be stored indoors. They contain electronics and wiring, which can become damaged from rain or other weather conditions. If you do have an outdoor unit, there should be no problem with this unless it is exposed to the elements for a long period. However, if your climate does tend towards extreme cold (freezing), we would recommend that they remain inside at all times during these periods as well – just in case!


3-wheel mobility scooters are a great alternative to traditional two-wheeled electric scooters. If you’re looking for a way to get around without the fear of falling, or if you have difficulty walking but don’t want a wheelchair, this is the perfect solution! They offer stability and safety while still being lightweight and portable enough to be taken on an airplane or in crowded areas with ease. The best part? You’ll never need to worry about running out of charge because these durable little machines run off of gas. We know finding the right three-wheeled scooter isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve compiled all the information needed here so that it just takes one click away from figuring out which would work best.