Shower Wheelchairs For Elderly

Best Shower Wheelchairs For Elderly

DMI Shower Transport Chair

Drive Medical K.D.ALuminum Shower Chair

Nova Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair

Taking a shower with mobility issues can be a frustrating and potentially dangerous task. With showers being vital to our day-to-day hygiene, solutions have been made available to people who have to struggle with mobility issues on a regular basis. Imagine having to live in daily trepidation of the hygienic activities that the majority of people end up taking for granted. The solution? The shower wheelchair. Also known as a bath wheelchair, shower wheelchairs give independence back to people who have to live with a mobility-inhibiting disability.

Thanks to advancements in modern science and engineering, we now have access to different kinds of shower chairs. Bath wheelchairs, as you will soon find out, can offer people with mobility problems many different tangible benefits. Our goal today will be focused on showcasing three specific wheeled shower chair products that are exceptional at what they do while also offering value at their price points. These chairs will offer benefits that range from shower mobility to even being a toilet on wheels. Where convenience and safety is concerned, these chairs can help. Let’s get started on our discussion.

Best Shower Wheelchairs

Now that we understand what we are looking for, let’s briefly outline three quality bath wheelchairs before engaging in our full reviews. These outlines will serve to give you quick-hitting information that can guide your purchasing process.

DMI Shower Transport Chair

  • Rolling Chair With Locking Wheels
  • Padded Toilet Seat Fits Over Standard Toilet
  • Completely Waterproof Chair
  • Comfortable Arm Rests For Long Seating

This chair scored high marks for being a lightweight and affordable shower chair equipped with wheels. Duro-Med is highly regarded around the industry for their quality, affordable products. While the DMI Shower Transporting Chair isn’t a high-end shower chair option, it has its fair share of positives as well as a few cons.

  • Lightweight and Affordable
  • Offers Waterproof PVC Padded Material
  • Comfortable For Prolonged Seating
  • Easy To Move On Both Carpet And Tile
  • Fits Directly Over Regulation Toilet
  • Height Of Chair Is Not Adjustable
  • Chair Backing Gets Mixed Marks For Comfort
Drive Medical K.D.ALuminum Shower Chair

  • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
  • Quick & Convenient Push Button Assembly
  • Durable, Rust-Resistant Swivel Casters
  • Comfortable Padded Seating

Drive Medical put together a quality shower chair which focused on comfortable seating and the ability to function as a commode. The aluminum construction makes this a highly durable and lightweight chair that is easy to move or pack away. The biggest advantage that the KD Aluminum Shower Chair has over its competition is how easy it is to fold up and store for travel.

  • Easy To Assemble And Disassemble
  • Quality Padding Adds To Comfort
  • Strong Materials, High Weight Capacity
  • Rust Resistant Swivel Casters
  • Wheels Do Not Lock
  • Height Is Not Adjustable
Nova Medical Products Drop Arm Transport Chair

  • Convenient Drop Arm W/ Easy Release
  • Comfortable & Durable Padded Seating
  • Removable Commodore Bucket & Lid, Easy To Remove
  • Solidly Constructed Out Of Steel

When looking for a premium transport chair, this NOVA medical product is hard to beat. Designed with flexibility in mind, this chair functions as a usable commode with a multitude of features. From swivel arms to the ability to remove the commode function, the NOVA seems to hit the sweet spot between function and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, this transport chair is not rated for longterm use in the shower.

  • Comfortable Padded Seat
  • Can Convert From Commode To Transport
  • Easy To Maneuver Down Hallways
  • Movable Arms & Legs For Maximum Comfort
  • Premium Craftsmanship
  • Not Usable In The Shower
  • Swing-Away Arm Has Stability Issues

How to Choose a Shower wheelchair

As you’ve no doubt seen by now, the three different rolling shower chair options we listed above are all unique in their own specific ways. As it can be hard to single out which specific chair might work best for you, we have decided to outline a trio of tips to make that job easier. Use the following guide to help you figure out which wheelchair shower chair is going to be the product for you.

Material Build

Any time that you are looking to buy a product for daily usage, you need to pay special attention to the type of material that it is built out of. Shower chairs are going to deal with heavy use in challenging environments due to moisture and high humidity, not to mention your own physical wear and tear on the product. There are a few different materials that you’ll likely come across while shopping for your shower transporting chair. We’ve highlighted the most common materials below:


This is a lightweight material which makes it great for people who want something that is easy to move around. Aluminum won’t rust due to moisture and humidity and the metal itself is fairly durable for most general uses. An aluminum wheelchair toiler and shower assistant will typically be expensive in comparison to other options on our list.


You’ll be able to find plastic shower chairs at the bottom of every price chart as you shop around. The reason for these chairs being so affordable is pretty simple: plastic is a cheap material to manufacture. Plastic shower chairs are lightweight but they lack some of the most basic features and durability benefits that we think are necessary for a comfortable, reliable chair.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is resistant to corrosion and incredibly durable from a wear-and-tear point of view. Stainless steel is a little bit heavier than some of the other options on our list but the durability cannot be ignored. Stainless steel is also an environmentally friendly material.

Feature Options

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to know that they should pay attention to the different features that their shower chair is equipped with before making their purchase. While these shower chairs may all seem similar to one another at first glance, the truth is that there is a disparate amount of features included with each option. Here are some of the features that you want to pay special attention to.

Toilet Addition

If you want a full-featured bathroom chair then you need to make sure to look for the best wheelchair with potty addition. Many chairs offer the toilet add-on but many don’t. A wheelchair toiler will ideally be easily accessible for the user and equally accessible for removing the lid and bowl for regular clean-up. Most toilet chairs aren’t going to be rated for use in the shower, so that is something to pay attention to. Advanced shower/bath chairs will have a transformation system in place so that you can use whichever aspect you need when you need it.

Mobility System

As you look at the different shower chair options available, make sure to focus on how mobile they are. When we discuss mobility, we aren’t just talking about wheels and casters, though those are important. We are also talking about how simple it is to fold down the chair and store it for travel. If your mobility is in any way challenged, a chair that forces you to work with a toolbox in order to prepare it for travel probably is not the ideal situation.

Waterproof Materials

Believe it or not, not all bath chairs are made with waterproofing in mind. As you look through the different shower chairs available, pay careful consideration to which products are waterproof and which are not. Traditionally, any shower/toilet chair combinations are likely to be waterproof. However, some toilet-only bath wheelchairs will not hold up well when exposed to frequent moisture.

Product Size

The final piece of guidance that you need to hear is in relation to the size of the wheelchair that you are shopping for. As you look at the different shower and bath chair products available, pay attention to how wide and bulky they are. You need to consider your hallway and doorway sizes at home when considering these products. Typically, an interior door will be around 34 inches in width. Make sure that you select a chair that will fit inside of the doors in your home.