There are many individuals who need an adult toilet at their bedside due to decreased mobility. This might be used temporarily, as with surgical or accident recoveries, or needed longer term such as with seniors experiencing a decline in their physical strength and abilities. It can be a bit confusing trying to shop for the right bedside commode with so many varieties available for purchase.

Some individuals that have difficulties with holding their urine or bowel movements in until they can get to a bathroom often can reduce the embarrassing accidents during the night by placing one of these useful adult commodes by the bedside.

Those that suffer from pain or joint stiffness during ambulation or must remain in a wheelchair due to decreased mobility might be good candidates for this product. These individuals often have increasing difficulty with attending to their normal hygiene habits without extra support. There are some innovative adult toilets that have versatility that enables them to be used in multiple ways.

In general, these helpful bathroom aids include:
  • Bedside Commodes
  • Over the Toilet – Used as Support Frame
  • As Elevated Toilet Seats
  • Some Can be Used as Shower Chairs as well.

Before purchasing one of these adult commode options, take the time to investigate all of the different model and use selections. These products come in different sizes and have differing additional features. If using this item for someone with a chronic or long term health condition, ask the user’s doctor or physical/occupational therapist for their recommendations as not all portable commodes for adults are created equally.

Bedside Potty Chairs Models

The following are 6 of the better adult portable commodes with product details that can give customers an idea of what’s currently available.


Most Comfortable Bedside Commode Chair- Soft, Warm, Padded and Foldable. XL Seat with 100% Open Front, Padded Pivoting Armrests, Adjustable Height. Free Commode Pail. (Blue)

When consumers choose this terrific portable commode for elderly users, they really get 2 in 1 usage options. Voted #1 for comfort, this multi-use padded extra wide bedside commode works as a standalone bedside potty, or it can be used as a shower chair as well.

Featuring a lightweight but sturdy aluminum frame, this folding bed commode can be folded down easily for storage or transport in under a minute. An open seat front allows access to the perineal area that allows for better personal hygiene efforts. A comfortably padded larger seat base and wider distance between the padded pivoting arm rests ensures a more comfortable fit and experience.

Soft easy-clean blue padding on backrest, seat and armrests not only provides exceptional comfort users get the added benefit of a warmed seat unlike the chill that other hard plastic models usually have.

Product Details:
  • Extreme Comfort – Commercial Grade PU Foam on Seat, Backrest & Armrests Never Absorbs Water
  • Extra Large Seat & Wider Width Between Armrests Give More Room for User
  • Easy-to-Clean & Disinfect
  • 100% Open Front Offers Easy-Access
  • Pivoting Armrests Can Swing Back for Easier Transfer
  • Quick & Easy No-Tool Assembly
  • Includes Free Commode Pail with Lid
  • Higher Grade Aluminum Frame is Rustproof & Built to Last
  • Modern Contemporary Design Style with Attractive Blue Ultra-Comfy Padding
  • Folds-Down in Seconds for Easy Travel & Storage
  • Versatile – Multi-Use Chair Can Be Used For Bedside Padded Commode Chair and/or Shower Chair
  • Exceptionally Comfortable for Users
  • Fold-Down-Design for Easy-Store and Travel Options
  • Unique Access on Seat Front Ensures Better Hygiene Capability
  • Sturdy Framework That is Also Lightweight for Transport
  • Roomier Seating Space
  • Some Liners May Tear Easier
  • Only Available in Select Colors
Vive Bariatric Bedside Commode

Folding 3 in 1 Toilet Chair – Portable, Extra Wide with Bucket Splash Guard – Heavy Duty, Adult Bathroom Seat DME Bedaide – Pail Fits Standard Disposable Liner Bags by Platinum Health

This ingenious portable toilet chair boasts a 3 in 1 use recommendations for ultimate convenience. The sturdy stainless steel rustproof framework is perfect for use as a bedside commode over toilet safety rail, as an elevated toilet and as a durable stand alone medical toilet chair as well.

The durable construction offers added user security, and this bariatric commode has a higher 550 lb weight capacity making this bedside toilet ideal for larger users. In addition, this comfortably wider portable toilet for elderly users comes already assembled and features easy no-tool height adjustment options to accommodate each user’s preferred leg height.

This well-made product folds-down and is surprisingly lightweight for easy transport and storage that caregivers are sure to appreciate. The chair includes a standard-sized 6 quart pail with lid and handy splash guard. Rubber tipped legs ensure non-skid usage while providing added stability for the user. Soft easy-grip armrests are another fantastic safety feature that can support user weight when sitting or standing.

It is easy to see why this impressive adult commode chair is so popular with healthcare facilities and home patient users.

Product Details:
  • Versatile Use Options – Standalone, Over Toilet Grip Framing or Elevated Seat Options
  • Top Bariatric Commode Features Strong Durable Stainless Steel Framework Holds 550 lbs
  • Folds-Down Flat for Convenient Storage
  • Tough Yet Lightweight Design Boasts Easy-Carry Travel Usage
  • Comes Already Assembled with No-Tool Needed Height Adjustment Selections
  • Long Lasting Durable Stability & Security Features like Rubber Tipped & Non-Slip
  • Secure Grip While Sitting or Standing Due to Softly Cushioned Easy-Grip Armrests
  • Rustproof Framing

  • Versatile Multiple Use Options
  • Bariatric Design Holds Increased Weight to 550 lbs
  • Easy to Fold-Down for Storage/Transport
  • Pre-Assembled & No-Tool Simple Height Adjustment Options
  • Durable Non-Slip/Skid/Marking Rubber Tips
  • Secure Safety Grip with Padded Armrests – Works Seated & Standing
  • Some Larger Individuals Found the Seat Too Small
  • Seat Construction Somewhat Flimsy Per Several Consumers While Others State Opposite
HEALTHLINE Shower Bedside Commode Chair

Padded Seat With Wheels by Healthline, Medical-Grade Commode Toilet Rolling Shower Chair With Casters (4 Wheels Brakes), Commode Padded Backrest and Seat by Vive

This very sturdy bedside toilet chair commode offers the added convenience of being an easy-roll shower chair as well. The comfortably padded vinyl seat and back allows for an easy-clean-and-sanitize detail and secure locking brakes on all 4 castor wheels. It can accommodate up to 300 lbs, and a handy footrest allows for even more sitting/showering comfort.

Caregivers love this multi-use potty chair for adults as it offers an easy way to get care recipients in and out of the shower. The larger easy-glide castor wheels make moving over carpets and floors an easier task, and the durable aluminum framing supports the weight of the user while seated and while standing up.

This clever multi-use chair for the shower can easily fit over a standard toilet and allows for a safer showering experience for users that have decreased mobility issues.

Product Details:
  • Multi-Use Options – Standalone Rolling Commode, Shower Chair or Over Top aStandard Toilet as Sturdy Framework & Safety Grips
  • Sturdy Bariatric Aluminum Framework Able to Accommodate Up to 300 lbs
  • Lightweight Enough for Transport/Travel
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Convenient Easy-Glide Caster Wheels Equipped with Safety Braking Locks on All
  • Comfortable Back & Seat Padded with Waterproof Vinyl
  • Easy-Clean & Sanitize Vinyl & Rustproof Aluminum
  • Adjustable Height
  • Includes Removable Commode Bucket & Lid
  • Padded Armrests & Additional Footrest Offer Supreme Comfort & Longer Showering Time Option

  • Multi-Use Options Offer Convenience
  • Good Price
  • Easy-Roll Wheels with Locking Brakes Offer Added Security for User
  • Easy-Clean Waterproof Vinyl Padding
  • Nice Footrest for Added Comfort & Longer Showering Options
  • Must be Assembled – Some Consumers Had Complaints with Assembly Instructions & Others Had Positive Comments
  • Seat Too Hard for Some Users with Very Frail Skin
Drive-Medical Steel Bedside Commode with Padded Seat and Drop Arms, Grey by Drive Medical

This heavy-duty medical portable toilet offers a comfortable seat that is nicely padded for users, and the seat also boasts an open front for easier personal hygiene measures by the independent user or for users that require assistance from caregivers.

Consumers like the easy-assembly with no-tools needed setup requirements, and this commode can be used in multiple ways. This product works as a secure toilet safety frame, as an elevated toilet seat, as a standalone adult potty chair or as an over-the-toilet commode.

Sturdy padded armrests make this commode comfortable and provides users with an easy-grip lift assistance detail. These practical armrests can be dropped away conveniently allowing easier wheelchair lateral transfers both on and off of the toilet. The drop-release mechanism level is an easy-to-see and use larger push lever that makes this chair ideal for users that have limited finger/hand dexterity and strength.

This specific commode model boasts an attractive grey durable framework welded securely for long-term use and strength. In addition, this toilet is easily taken down without needing tools for convenient storage and travel options. This unit comes with a snap-on seat and lid along with a 12 quart toilet bucket with a convenient carry handle and bonus splash guard.

Product Details:
  • Multiple Usage Options – Standalone, Over Toilet, as Elevated Commode & as Safety-Frame Around Toilet
  • Easy to Assemble – No-Tools Needed
  • Padded Seat & Armrests
  • Easy-Release Large Push-Button Armrest Release Latch
  • Drop Armrests Allows Easier Lateral Transfers Great for Wheelchair Users
  • Open-Front Seat for Easy-Access
  • Simple to Adjust Legs to Fit Different Heights
  • Comes with Bucket, Lid, Carrying Handle & Splash Guard
  • Easy-Clean
  • Strong Steel Welded Construction
  • Accommodates Users Up to 300 lbs

  • Can Be Used Multiple Ways
  • Cushy Seat Padding
  • Convenient Drop-Down Padded Armrests
  • Easier Lateral Transfers
  • Sturdy Stainless Steel Welded Framework
  • Has Different Height Adjustment Options
  • Easy-Clean & Sanitize Details
  • Open Access Toilet Seat Front
  • Comes with Pail, Lid & Splash Guard
  • Some Users Report Too Hair-Trigger Release Issues with Drop Down Armrests – Seen on Older Models
  • Bucket Does Not Slide In – Must Raise Seat to Unsnap for Emptying
Drive Medical K. D. Aluminum Commode/Shower Chair with Casters by Drive Medical

This amazing lightweight yet exceptionally durable aluminum shower chair/commode features a truly comfortable padded seat for the ultimate bathing and commode use experience. Rustproof rolling caster wheels offer easy-glide technology with 3″ swivel castor wheels that are non-skid and non-marking. The two rear wheels have secure safety locks for a safer transfer, showering and commode use bonus.

The well-cushioned vinyl seat makes cleaning the chair a breeze, and the open front design of the seat offers maximum accessibility both users and caregivers will appreciate.

A removable 12 quart commode bucket with convenient lid is included which is a nice bonus. This is a fantastic option for healthcare facilities and home care clients alike.

Product Details:
  • Ultra Comfort Padding on Seat
  • Convenient Open-Front Seat Cutout Design for Easier Personal Hygiene
  • Durable but Lightweight Aluminum Design Material Holds Up to Frequent Use
  • Can be Folded Flat for Travel/Storage – Bucket Easily Removable
  • Vinyl Seat & Waterproof Back Fabric Makes Cleaning Easy
  • Premium Caster Wheels – 2 Rear Wheel Locks for Safety in Bathroom & During Transfers
  • Dual Purpose as Shower and/or Commode Chair
  • Easy to Assemble

  • Dual Usage Purposes – Shower & Commode Chair Options
  • Strong Aluminum Framing but Lightweight Enough for Transport
  • Vinyl Padding – Seat Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof Back Fabric & Seat Padding
  • Strong Easy-Glide Swivel Casters – 2 Rear Wheel Locks for Safe Transfer & Use
  • Front-Seat Cutout Design for Easy Access Personal Care Ability
  • Fabric Back Not Comfortable for Thinner Users
  • Possible Wheel Lock Issues After Long Term Use According to Some Customers -Replacement Wheels Available
MedPro Homecare Commode Chair with Adjustable Height Options by MedPro

This durable over the toilet commode model is a versatile product offering multiple use options. The rustproof aluminum design offers true reliability, and this commode has 7 different height adjustment options as well. Sturdy molded plastic armrests give the use a secure grip/lift support, and the product is able to be used over the toilet, as an elevated commode or as a terrific standalone bedside commode.

If needing an affordable portable bedside bedside commode that is easy to assemble, this model is ideal and doesn’t require tools to setup. This product is able to safely hold users up to 300 lbs in comfort. The convenient and easy-to-do height adjustment selections make this versatile adult commode perfect for use in nursing homes, hospitals or at home for users of varying heights and sizes.

Product Details:
  • Versatile Multi-Use Commode as Standalone, Over the Toilet & as Raised Seat Options
  • Easy to Clean & Sanitize
  • Handles Up to 300 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Sturdy Molded Plastic Armrests Provide Secure Grip & Grab/LiftCapabilities
  • Grey Shade Blends with Any Decor Style
  • Rust Resistant
  • Durable & Lightweight Enough for Travel/Storage

  • Adjusts to 7 Different Height Options
  • Multi-Use Options
  • Easy-Clean & Sanitize Properties
  • Strong Durable Design
  • Excellent Armrest Grip Detail
  • No-Tool Assembly
  • Comes with Bucket, Splash Guard & Lid
  • Seat Design Not Ideal for Some Men
  • Larger Framed Customers Reported Feeling Unsafe due to Flimsy Seat

The appropriate portable commode chairs can make life easier for many suffering from a decline in mobility or another health condition like bladder or bowel incontinence. Caregivers too can benefit from these practical bathroom aids that promote safety.