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Older people often have trouble getting things that are on the ground. It can be frustrating when you can’t grab something because your limb isn’t long enough. That is why many older adults opt for a grabber to help them get items they need off of the ground or table. However, there are so many different types of grabbers out there, and it’s essential to know which one will work best for you! That is what this article will do- give you all the information you need about expanded grabbers so that you can make an informed decision as to which one is best for your needs.

A grabber tool is a device that you use to pick up things from the ground or table. It can be challenging for older people who don’t have much arm mobility. They may need assistance and often get help from their caretakers, but it’s not always possible when they are on their own in public places like stores or restaurants.

The most common type of grabber is a pickup tool, which is similar to tongs and can hold items like cans or glasses. An expandable claw grabber will allow you to get objects further away from the ground or table, but it’s harder for people with arthritis because they may need to use their hands to grip the handle.

An expandable claw grabber will use a lever to open and close the claw, which can be locked into place when you need it closed. A pickup tool has tongs attached by a hinge at one end to move back and forth. The other type of grabber is called an underarm crutch or walking stick, which doesn’t have a mechanism.

A grabber tool can be used by people with any level of mobility impairment, but it’s important to know what type will work best for you! Not every person who has trouble reaching things needs the same kind of device, and you should consider your limitations when making this decision.

Reacher grabbers have various types of handles:

  • one for individuals with arthritis (or other health complications) which is made up of rubber and can grip the object;
  • one for individuals with full mobility, which is a metal handle.

A pickup tool is an alternate option that won’t require as much skill with your hands, but it may be less helpful if you have arthritis.

Best Grabbers for Seniors Reviewed

Steel is a heavy-duty material that can hold more weight than aluminum. A steel grabber could be helpful for people with arthritis because it will require less use by the hands, but if you have full mobility, they may not be as solid or stable. It’s better to get an expandable claw grabber instead. But if you have arthritis, then going with an aluminum grabber may be better because it is lighter.

Ettore Grip’n Grab Reach Tool

The Ettore Grip’n Grab Reach Tool is one you won’t forget! The handles are aluminum (strong yet light) and polypropylene plastic (resilient yet absorbent). Moreover, it can take on up to 5 pounds of weight – that way, objects stay in place as you handle them thanks to its variable grip strength. The articulated head will let you retrieve any object horizontally or vertically so that searching for something has never been easier! Get the Gripen Grab Reach Tool today, and your home chores will finally be a breeze.

  • as it spins 360 degrees, its multipurpose feet pick up anything you can get them around
  • the rubberized jaw elements ensure that no item slips from your grip
  • it is not recommended for picking up small items such as thin wires, coins, or strings due to lack of traction

Best Flexible Grabber Tool

If you need to pick up small items like wire or coins, then a flexible grabber may be better because it has rubberized jaw elements that will keep them secure. It doesn’t have the ability for 360-degree rotation, but this is unnecessary when picking something as thin as a string or wire.

ZAYAD Reacher Grabber Tool - Blue2

This device is perfect for those who feel a bit unsteady or weak in the arms. The textured rubberized ends allow the tool to hold onto lightweight items such as a red wine glass without leaving a clip mark or creating unwanted wear and tear. Made from lightweight aluminum alloy material, it’s also kind on your hands and joints when you’re using this product with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Rotation functionality plus rotating & rubberized jaws makes the task simpler in areas like chair seats or trash cans where there is much stuff around.

  • easy grabbing
  • extra strength gripper
  • premium material
  • foldable design
  • rotating & rubberized jaw
  • does not hold more oversized items such as metal cans
  • the trigger can be difficult to use

Best Claw Grabber Tool

If you’re looking for a grabber to pick up larger items like cans, then the best option may be an expandable claw.

Dumsamker Grabber Reacher Tool for Elderly

This ergonomically designed tool provides a safe grabbing ability with one press of a button. It rotates 360 degrees so it can grip things like wine glasses from any angle – even if they’re slippy smooth! The grabber is foldable for easy storage and carrying around outside.

It’s also got an excellent price on Amazon.

  • lightweight and easy to carry around in your purse or pocket for everyday use
  •  anti-slip coating
  • works vertically
  • the quick-release trigger makes the grabbing process fast
  • not ideal for those looking for long-term use because
  • not height-adjustable

Best Long Grabber Tool

It’s ideal for those who need to reach items from above or below them while seated in a chair because it provides access to hard-to-reach areas that traditional gripers.

Ezpik 40

With a 40 inch reach, it’s easy to clean your house, garden, office desk, and more.

  • 40 inch long
  • with an extra-strong hinge
  • easy carrying
  • you can’t adjust the length

Best Extended Grabber Tool

The best-extended grabber can pick up items from a distance.

NaYard Grabber Reacher Tool

The NaYard Grabber Reacher Tool is here to take the bend out of your back and give new life to your wayward dinner plates. With a 360 degree rotating head that can effectively grab anything from the floor back behind furniture and even find toys hidden in hard-to-reach places, you won’t have any excuse for not being helpful around the house.

  • long-reaching
  • lightweight design
  • tiny but strong
  • easy maneuver
  • no length extension

Best Pickup Grabber Reaching Tool

The best option for those who need to access the items below may be a grabber that can reach down without being on your knees.

ProcellaTech 2-Pack Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool

Keep the task of picking up things that are out of reach simple with this ProcellaTech 2-Pack Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool. This is equipped with 32 inches of length to help you grab something quickly and avoid unneeded strain on your body. You can move it from room to room in seconds without much hassle; plus, the grip handle adapts to any size hand, so no one has a problem controlling its power. Now is not an issue if someone is carrying something fragile or delicate because it goes through all types of terrain without causing unwanted damage. The risk for falls and injury has been significantly reduced when having this lightweight tool close by.

  • 360-degree rotation
  • anti-slip material
  • easy-grip handle for comfort and control
  • no length extension
  • load capacity

Other noticeable grabbers

RMS 32-Inch Grabber Reacher With Magnetic Tip

Made of lightweight aluminum with an ergonomic trigger design, this reacher has a magnetic tip for picking up small objects and includes a post for assistance with dressing. What’s so great about the magnetic tip? It stays clipped to your clothing while you move around, making it easily accessible no matter what task needs doing.

  • lightweight
  • with a magnetic tip for ease of grabbing small objects
  • long and easy to use
  • an ergonomic design
  • customizable clipping options
  • has no padding on the grip
Vive Suction Cup Reacher/Grabber

Extend your reach with the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber, which adds 32” to our arm span, ensuring we can easily grab items on high shelves. The strong rubber suction cups provide extra peace of mind while changing a bulb or retrieving an item from a tight spot. Constructed with durable aluminum and designed to fit comfortably on either hand, this grabber is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

  • easily helping to reach high places
  • light enough for everyday tasks
  • durable
  • hard to reach small objects
Unger Professional Nifty Nabber, 36'' inches

The Nifty Nabber is perfect for any yard clean-up you have. With its new 36″ extension arm, no more bending and stooping to pick up what’s on the ground.

The heavy-duty claws can grab anything from grass clippings to stray nails. They are so handy that they also come with a built-in magnet to collect metal objects, just as easy as grabbing a penny off of the pavement.

  • lightweight
  • long-reach
  • rubber tips on the end
  • awkward grips
Zhenzhen Grabber Reacher Tool

Zhenzhen Grabber Reacher Tool will make you forget about bending over, stretching, or squatting to get anything you need. Reach Anything easily from high cabinets to the ground without a backache. The 32’’ extension reach tool is perfect for those who do not have much strength in their hands and arms. Pick up objects without having to struggle to pick them up. The grabber reacher tool is simple and easy to use with one hand-pickup either under or above an object, and use your other hand to pull on the grabbing head of this simple grip device. Store it conveniently by wrapping its wrist strap around your elbow so that it won’t slip out of your grasp again.

  • a 32’’ extension
  • lightweight
  • ergonomic
  • easy to use with one-hand pickup
  • can’t pick up anything heavy

How To Choose the Best Grabber Tool for Seniors

The type of grabber tool you need is dependent on the level of mobility impairment and/or skill limitations.

A pickup tool may be best for people with arthritis because it will require less use by your hands but can’t hold as many items at a time. An expandable claw grabber would work better if you have more mobility.

Shaft Material and Length

A grabber tool’s shaft material will affect its length. There are three types:

  • aluminum (shorter)
  • steel (medium)
  • titanium (longer)

If you have arthritis or other mobility problems, a shorter shaft may be better because it can make it easier to hold on to! But if you have less mobility, then it may be better to get a longer shaft.

The range of grabber lengths will depend on the type – aluminum is about 15 inches long while titanium can go up to 26 inches! So if you need more reach, use an expandable claw or underarm crutch (also known as a walking stick). If you want to get items from the ground or table, then a grabber tool with tongs is best.

You should also think about whether you are right-handed (most people) or left-handed as this will affect which type of handle you use!

Weight and Maneuverability

If you have arthritis, then a lightweight grabber may be better for you because the weight will make it easier to use. The downside is that there are fewer lightweight materials than heavy metals like aluminum and titanium – so if weight isn’t an issue, but you want more reach, then get something made out of steel or titanium.

Grabbing Mechanism

The type of grabber you need will depend on your mobility problems.

For people with arthritis, the best option is an underarm crutch (also known as a walking stick) because it doesn’t have any mechanism at all. An expandable claw grabber would be better for someone with full mobility and can grip its handle tightly, but this may be difficult if you have arthritis.

A pickup tool will work best for people with limited dexterity in their hands because it has tongs attached at one end that can move back and forth – but they aren’t as helpful when getting items from the ground or table.

Both long-reach grabbers (with a mechanism) and pickup tools can help people with limited mobility.


Grabber tools are an essential consideration for elderly individuals because they can be beneficial to those who have difficulty grasping items or reaching high surfaces. It’s helpful to think about how much assistance a loved one needs before purchasing this type of product and whether or not it will work with their mobility issues like limited range of motion in the hands and fingers.