Gps Tracking Watch for Elderly

As technology continues to evolve, it is important that elderly people are able to keep up with the times. This includes adapting to new technology in order to make their lives easier and more fulfilling. One of the most recent technologies on the market is a GPS tracking watch for seniors. These watches allow them to maintain independence while also ensuring they are safe at all times. If you have an elderly loved one who would benefit from this device, then read on! We will answer common questions about these devices with product reviews and tips that can help you decide if this is right for your loved ones.

GPS tracking watches for elderly are small devices that contain GPS technology, allowing seniors to be tracked at all times. These watches can use cellular networks or satellite signals in order to pinpoint the wearer’s exact location and relay it back to their family members via a smartphone app.

These devices have many benefits for people who suffer from dementia or other health conditions which make them prone to getting lost. The watch allows you to set up safe zones so if your loved one leaves these areas they will immediately receive an alert on their phone with information about where he is located . If there were ever an emergency that required urgent assistance then users can press a button on the device, triggering notifications sent directly to any pre-selected contacts within seconds of activation.

GPS trackers and watches for the elderly are an important product because they help to protect those who might be at risk of getting lost, as well as ensuring that their health is monitored closely. GPS devices have a wide range of benefits including but not limited to:

  • Providing peace of mind for family members by being able to locate loved ones anytime with ease
  • Being alerted if there were ever an emergency where immediate assistance was needed
  • Helping seniors maintain independence while also staying safe
  • Having access to your phone’s location at all times without taking it out can make life easier in many ways such as quickly finding the nearest gas station or restaurant when on road trips or having directions sent directly from Google Maps without needing cellular data or wifi connection


Best GPS Tracking Watches for Elderly Reviews

Wonbo Personal Tracking Device for Elderly


This is one of the most popular GPS tracking watches for elderly in the market today. It’s easy to use with a simple design and very affordable price tag . It comes with a range of features such as SOS alerts, two-way voice calling, and an easy to navigate user interface.

This GPS tracker watch for elderly is easy to use and very practical. The design is simple with a clear color scheme that makes it easier for users of any age to navigate through the features without experiencing too many problems . It’s also compact enough to be worn on the wrist comfortably .

Users have reported that they’ve had great experiences with this product, especially because of its affordable price tag that doesn’t compromise quality at all. In addition, due to its size, it can easily fit in pockets or bags so you don’t have worry about carrying around something bulky if you do not want to wear it on your body everywhere you go nor leave it behind somewhere important either.

  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • It has an SOS alert feature that can come in handy if elderly people get into some kind of dangerous or life threatening situation .
  • The battery is designed to last for up to three days on standby mode, which prevents you from having to charge it all the time.
  • Some users have complained of experiencing connectivity issues with this device but these problems are easily fixed by checking that everything is properly connected before turning it on.
Synmila Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker


The Symlia Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker is perfect for elderly individuals who want to stay connected and safe. This watch has a built-in SIM card, so you can make calls, send texts, and even use the internet without having to carry your phone around. It also features a GPS tracker that will allow caregivers or loved ones to keep an eye on their whereabouts at all times.

This watch is perfect for those who want the convenience of a smartwatch with the added security of a GPS tracker. The watch has an emergency SOS button that can be pushed when needed, which will send texts to pre-selected contacts and call the primary number if no one is on speed dial. This feature could help save lives in dangerous or urgent situations.

The Symlia Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker also features geo-fencing capabilities so you’ll know exactly where your loved ones are at all times. You can set up virtual perimeters using Google Maps for tracking purposes, ensuring safety while allowing them some freedom of movement as well.

  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life
  • Built in SIM card for calling and texting without a phone nearby
  • Syncing is not always reliable.
Tycho GPS SmartWatch with Real-Time Tracking


The Tycho GPS SmartWatch is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable GPS tracking watch for elderly. The watch is equipped with a real-time tracking feature that allows caregivers or loved ones to monitor the whereabouts of the wearer at all times. The Tycho SmartWatch has a number of other useful features including the ability to make and receive calls, send and receive texts, track fitness data, and more.

The Tycho GPS SmartWatch comes with a free mobile app that makes tracking and managing the watch easy. The app provides notifications when the wearer enters or leaves a designated area, which is great for safety purposes. The watch also has a long battery life, making it a great option for those who need a tracking device that can last all day.

The only downside to the Tycho GPS SmartWatch is that it does not have a built-in camera. This means that the wearer cannot use the watch to take pictures or videos. However, this is not a deal breaker for most users and overall, the Tycho SmartWatch is an excellent choice for those looking for a quality GPS tracking watch for elderly loved ones.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Free mobile app
  • Long battery life
  • No built-in camera
FidgetFidget GPS Movement Tracker


The FidgetFidget GPS Movement Tracker for Elderly is a small, lightweight GPS tracking device that you can attach to your keychain, purse, or belt loop. The device has a long battery life and easy-to-use app.

The FidgetFidget GPS Movement Tracker for Elderly is ideal for anyone who wants a discreet and affordable GPS tracking solution. The tracker is also great for those who need to keep track of their fitness data, as it can track your steps, active minutes, sleep patterns and more.

The FidgetFidget GPS Movement Tracker for Elderly sells on Amazon for just $24.99 with free shipping included. The company offers a 45-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product after purchasing it online at Amazon .

Another great option is the Teemo Smart Message Watch which allows you to send messages via Bluetooth from one watch to another within 100ft of range. If an elderly person in need of care sends out a distress message using this device, their caregiver will be immediately alerted about the danger they might be in without having to worry about paying high monthly fees or needing cellular service coverage where they live .

  • Small, lightweight and discreet
  • Tracks fitness data as well as GPS location
  • 45-day money back guarantee if not satisfied
  • Cannot be used without the Teemo app installed on a smartphone (which is free to download)
Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami with All Tracking Features


This smartwatch has amazing features of GPS tracking for elderly people. The watch is also known as the Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, which comes with all necessary details to monitor your fitness activities and health conditions accurately. It can track steps taken in a day, calorie burned out through different exercises including running or walking along with other parameters like sleep, heart rate and much more.

It is a lightweight product that you can easily carry anywhere while doing your daily chores or even during your exercises. The watch is not only water resistant but also dustproof, so you can easily take it with you regardless of the weather condition.

You will get notifications for calls and messages on your wrist to stay updated all the time without taking out your phone from pocket or purse. The battery life is quite impressive that lasts up to 30 days in one charge under normal circumstances. To get more details please visit Amazon official site here .

This smartwatch has amazing features of GPS tracking for elderly people . The watch is also known as the Huami Amazfit Bip Smartwatch, which comes with all necessary details to monitor your fitness activities and health conditions accurately.

It can track steps taken in a day, calorie burned out through different exercises including running or walking along with other parameters like sleep, heart rate and much more.

  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Tracks a variety of activities and health metrics
  • Impressive battery life
  • None
Prazata GPS Tracker for Children & Elderly Anti-Lost Wrist Watch


The Prazata GPS Tracker is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable GPS tracking watch for elderly. This wristwatch features a built-in GPS system that allows you to track the location of your loved one at any time. In addition, the Prazata GPS Tracker also includes a panic button that your elderly loved one can use to send an SOS signal in case of emergencies.

The GPS tracker is very easy to install and operate, so your elderly loved one will be able to use it with little to no trouble. The watch comes with an easy to read display that shows the location of your loved one on a map. In addition, you can set up safe zones so if your elderly relative wanders out of these boundaries, you will receive alerts.

The GPS tracker for children is available in four different colors which makes it extremely stylish and fashionable . This watch is also water resistant making it great for outdoor use as well as indoor activities such as showering or swimming. Overall this is a very versatile product with many useful features at an affordable price point.

  • Affordable price point
  • Water resistant for outdoor and indoor use
  • Stylish design with four different color options available
  • No option to switch off the sound on the tracker unit
Amazfit Pace Smartwatch with GPS Tracking and Activity Monitor


This is a smartwatch with all the features you want in your wearable. It has built-in activity tracker, sleep monitor and fitness coach; it gives notifications on calls, messages, emails and social media alerts; it allows music listening and hands-free calling; and it is water resistant up to 50 meters. The GPS tracking on this watch is also very accurate and can be used for tracking running, cycling and other outdoor activities.

The Amazfit Pace Smartwatch is a great option for those looking for a budget fitness tracker with all the features they need. It can be used for daily activity tracking, sports training and sleep monitoring; it has an accurate GPS positioning system; and there are also built-in Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect headphones or speakers easily.

This watch is very good value for money if your primary concern is running since it allows you to track speed, distance covered and location in real time using its GPS feature. The app keeps records of past activities which makes this product useful not just in today’s but in future workouts as well.

  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Built-in activity tracker, sleep monitor and fitness coach
  • Notifications on calls, messages, emails and social media alerts
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • No heart rate sensor
Duiwoim Smartwatch GPS Tracker for Kids and Elderly People


The Duiwoim Smartwatch GPS Tracker is perfect for keeping track of your elderly loved ones. It has a long-lasting battery, and the easy-to-use app makes it simple to keep tabs on your loved one’s location. The watch includes features like fall detection, so you can be assured that they are safe even if they are unable to get help themselves; and it also has a built-in panic button in case of an emergency.

The Duiwoim watch is also perfect for kids, as it gives you peace of mind knowing where they are at all times. The built-in SOS function can be used to alert your child’s caregiver in the event of an emergency; and with GPS tracking capabilities, you’ll always know their location.

The Duiwoim Smartwatch GPS Tracker is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their loved ones safe and secure.

  • Long lasting battery
  • Easy to use app
  • Built in fall detection and panic button for emergency situations
  • Higher price tag than some competitors
GBD Waterproof GPS Tracking Smartwatch


The GBD waterproof GPS tracking smartwatch for elderly is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable and affordable option. This watch has all of the features that you would expect, including the ability to track your location, call emergency services, and monitor your heart rate. It is also water resistant up to 50 meters, so you can be assured that it will stand up to even the most strenuous activities.

The GBD smartwatch also includes a number of helpful features specifically designed for elderly users. For example, it has a large and easy-to-read display, which makes it ideal for those with vision problems. It also includes an automatic fall detection feature, which can be activated if you fall or lose consciousness. This will send an emergency alert to your loved ones, letting them know that you need help.

The GBD smartwatch is available for a very reasonable price and comes with a one-year warranty. Overall, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable GPS tracking watch for elderly use.

  • Large, easy-to-read display
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • Automatic fall detection feature
  • None noted
TKSTAR Smartwatch with GPS Tracker and SOS Call Location


The TKSTAR Smartwatch is a great option for those looking for a GPS tracking watch for elderly. This smartwatch has a built-in GPS tracker that can locate your loved one’s whereabouts, as well as an SOS call function that will immediately notify friends or family in the event of an emergency. Additionally, this watch features a pedometer and calorie counter to help keep track of your loved one’s physical activity.

The TKSTAR Smartwatch is available for a very reasonable price. This watch is great for elderly people who are active and want to track their daily activity.

This GPS tracking watch for the elderly also includes a two-way calling function that allows your loved one to contact friends or family members at any time, even if they don’t have access to cell phone service in an area where reception is poor. The TKSTAR Smartwatch can connect with iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows phones, and other smart devices through Bluetooth connectivity. Consumers rate this product highly due its accuracy when it comes to locating someone’s whereabouts using its built-in GPS tracker.

  • Affordable price
  • GPS tracker with SOS call
  • Two way calling function
  • May not be water resistant enough to wear in the shower or while swimming.

How to choose the best GPS Tracking Device for a Senior

Ease of use

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing a GPS tracking device for elderly loved ones is how easy it is to use. If it’s too complicated or difficult to figure out then there’s a good chance that your family member will end up not using it which defeats the entire purpose. All of the devices on our list have been designed with simplicity in mind so you can be sure that even those who are less tech-savvy will be able to operate them without any issues .

Distress button

Another feature that is extremely important to consider when purchasing a GPS tracker for elderly loved ones is the distress button. If there were ever an accident or unforeseen incident then this can be used as a last line of defense by sending out notifications to pre-selected contacts with your loved one’s current location . This can potentially save lives due to getting help quickly and efficiently.

Smart alerts

Many of the GPS tracking devices for elderly people on the market today come with smart alert features. This means that you can set up reminders for things such as medication, appointments, or checking in with family members . These alerts can come in the form of notifications on your phone or by vibrations and sounds on the device itself. This is a great way to keep your loved ones safe and healthy while also providing some peace of mind for you.

Battery life

Another important factor to consider when purchasing a GPS tracking device for elderly family members is the battery life. The last thing you want is the tracker running out of juice and not being able to locate your loved ones . Some devices on our list have batteries that can last up to two weeks while others only need charging once per week or even less depending on how often they are used.


Tips for Using GPS Tracking Watches for Elderly

  • It is important to keep the GPS tracking watch charged and on your person as much as possible.
  • If you are using a GPS tracking watch for elderly, be sure to test it out in different environments before relying on it completely.
  • Make sure you or your loved one is familiar with how to use the GPS tracking watch before heading out into unfamiliar territory.
  • Some GPS tracking watches come with preloaded maps of certain areas, while others allow you to input specific addresses. Be sure to know which type of GPS tracking watch you have and how to use its features accordingly.
  • GPS tracking watches can provide peace of mind for both caregivers and care recipients alike. If used correctly, they can help ensure that everyone stays safe and connected.
  • Keep in mind that GPS tracking watches are not a replacement for common sense and caution. Always use your best judgement when travelling, no matter how closely you are being monitored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does GPS stand for?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. This is the technology used in these types of watches to pinpoint location and time information. It refers to a group of satellites that orbit around our planet, which allow us to calculate precise global coordinates with incredible accuracy.

What are some common uses of a GPS tracking watch?

A few examples include keeping track on elderly loved ones who may have Alzheimer’s or other memory-related diseases, helping someone find their way back home after wandering off unexpectedly, and allowing caregivers peace of mind by being able to monitor activity remotely from several states away. In fact, many parents use them as an additional safety measure when dropping kids off at school events such as sports games.

How accurate are GPS tracking watches?

The pinpoint accuracy of a GPS tracking watch is dependent on the quality of the satellite signal, as well as the features and settings of the specific watch model. Generally speaking, they offer much more precision than cell phones or other location-tracking technologies.

What if I forget to charge my GPS tracking watch?

Most watches have some sort of low-battery indicator to let you know when it’s time to juice them up. However, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve forgotten to charge your device and it runs out of power, most models allow for manual entry of coordinates using an accompanying map or address book.


Protecting our elderly loved ones has always been a priority, but with the increase of technology and access to information over the past few decades, it’s more important now than ever before. GPS tracking watches for seniors are one way we can make sure they stay safe as their independence slowly diminishes. With these devices, you can check in on your senior family member from anywhere at any time to ensure everything is going smoothly. We hope this article helped answer some questions about how GPS trackers work and what makes them so great for protecting older adults who live alone or have limited mobility due to injury or illness.